Stuff I’ve Made

This is most of the stuff I’ve made or contributed to recently. I haven’t gotten around to learning to code yet, so it’s mostly just stuff to go with other people’s software.

I hope people find some of it useful.

  • WordPress Admin interface restyle – Makes the new admin dashboard of WordPress a lot better. Stylish script. IN PROGRESS. Improving often.
  • Manpages Online – Make your own online manpage interface w/ PHP. No longer developed, as it is pretty simple. The current state is about as good as it gets.
  • Ultimate Claws Mail Theme – Port of Ultimate Gnome theme to Claws Mail. IN PROGRESS.
  • Amarok Integration with libnotify – Native Gnome notifications for Amarok. UNSUPPORTED – I no longer use Amarok. Not because it isn’t an Awesome player, but I now use MPD to play music on my server rather than laptop.
  • Compatibilizer – Make Firefox 2 extensions faux-compatible with Firefox 3. Link is to update page, but it has the download. Original page here with more information. Most likely won’t be needed for too long. However, barring large changes, this script or a variant can be used in the future. FF4 anyone? Updated recently to reflect my better bash skills.

That’s the end. I’m not very prolific. Most of the stuff on my site is fixing problems, new prgrams, interesting stuff, the occasional thing that just completely astounds me


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