Why does the YouTube video player suck?

These days, flash players can do amazing things. Look at Hulu, Veoh, and 5min‘s incredible players. However, Youtube has used the same, basic, crappy flash player that they have for years. It’s big, ugly, and doesn’t even work well. It has A/V sync issues, can’t handle going to fullscreen and back, no transparency, all of the UI is visible all of the time.

Considering that the player is easily the most important part of the flash player experience, they really need to make a new player.

Not to mention the horrible video quality. Veoh and Hulu in hi-res is actually watchable full-screen, but youtube is horrible.

Gnome users, watch in Movie player! See lifehacker. Don’t forget the Hi-def plugin. much more palatable, and faster as well. another plus is lack of idiotic comments.


One Response

  1. actually, its not too farfetched for youtube to do better here. They store all of the uploaded content in original, then compress lots of copies of it, some for mobile devices, other for low speed connections, etc.

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