The easiest way to rip DVDs ever.

I like to back up my DVDs for ease of watching on my computer. This was hindered when I switched to Linux, as I had no idea how to do it on Linux. Now, after a while, I have come up with the exact perfect way to rip DVDs.

This guide assumes you have done nothing to begin. (I think! I’ve done a lot to my computer, so no guarantees!)

Step 1: Enable DVD Playback

  • Add the Medibuntu repository to get libdvdcss2. [link]
  • now, install libdvdcss2 from medibuntu and libdvdread3.
  • now, open a terminal and run ‘sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/’ That enables the DVD playback.
  • Download the Handbrake CLI from [here]. Make sure to get the Linux one. Extract it to some folder. Your home directory will work just fine.
  • Now you should be ready.

Step 2: Ripping. (this is the one you do every time you want to rip a DVD)

  • Insert the DVD. If a movie player comes up, close it.
  • Go to a terminal. Run ‘./HandBrakeCLI -i /media/cdrom0/ -o DesiredFileName.mp4’. This assumes that Handbrake is extracted to your home directory and you are in your home directory. Also it assumes your DVD drive is on /media/cdrom0/. I t may be cdrom, or something else. I only tested it by myself. Put your desired filename (plus .mp4 at the end), as the final argument.

This uses the Default Handbrake preset. It’s pretty quick, comes out to 700mb-1.3gb, with excellent quality. It should autocrop as well. For other presets and advanced options, see the documentation. I personally like the default. If you have an ipod, there are presets for that as well so it will play better and at a smaller size on it.

Each rip takes a while, depending on your processor. My Intel Core2 Duo 2.0gHz laptop can rip a movie in about half an hour. YMMV.

This happens to take around half the time of doing this the easiest way I found on Windows.



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