Finally, I got the courage to test suspend and hibernate under Hardy. I am rejoiced to announce that it works better!

My previous issues stemmed from the ATI graphics card in my computer. Suspend worked perfectly, except the screen wouldn’t turn back on…

Now, when I suspend it works perfectly (albeit a bit ugly). It restores great. Suspend is all I ever used anyways, so I am overjoyed. Hibernate still dies miserably, eventually returning me to the screen mostly unharmed, but not turning off.

Overall, I am happy. Now if only I can figure out how to get the open-source driver working (although this isn’t too bad).


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  1. Hi Dan,

    I have a Gateway E-295 C (meant for school, too), and I’m running Arch Linux. However, I can’t get the tablet to function. I noticed this post “” so I’m just wondering if you can provide me with your xorg.conf.

    Suspend works fine for me, too. Took me a little while get it to suspend (to ram) when the lid is shut, but works fine now.

    By the way have you tried xournal, it’s a note taking app. I’ve installed, but haven’t got to use it yet cause the stylus doesn’t work.

    Sorry for spamming your blog.


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