Open Source = Easy Customization

I recently fell in love with GMPC, a terrific GTK based MPD frontend. It is very powerful, while looking very good. One thing I was unhappy with, however, was the tray icons. Also it didn’t fit in terribly well with the rest of my theme. So i decided to change it.

Another MPD frontend I like, Sonata, has a great icon set, but not such a great feature set. So I combined the best of the two. I took the Sonata icons, scaled and renamed as necessary, then replaced the GMPC icons with them. For others I used icons from the theme I use and love, Ultimate Gnome. Those are all SVG, so I had to export them as PNG in the appropriate sizes.

This was all, however, not too complicated. I made a conversion of the fresh tarball of 0.15.5, and changed the icons over. Recreated for your usage.

I am wary of licensing on this particular venture. GMPC and Sonata are both under the GPL v2, but the Ultimate Gnome theme is CC-BY-NC-SA. As an incompatible license, it causes problems (not the first time…). I wish to express to the author that I am sorry about the mixing, but this is inofficial and as such I hope okay.

The COPYING file for both of the players are in there.

Download here.

I love it when I can change things to fit my tastes or just if I want to. Hooray for OSS!


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