This is bad.

I saw an article earlier, and it linked to a page that has an online WPM checker. It works (very well), and I liked it. It is here, btw.

The problem came when I went to view the source. I found this:


Page protected by ionCube - HTML/JavaScript Encoder
Copyright (c) 2003 RWJD.Com and ionCube Ltd.  All Rights Reserved.

Any analysis of this  source code,  embedded data  or file by any means and by
any entity whether human or otherwise  to including but without  limitation to
discover details  of internal operation, to  reverse  engineer, to  de-compile
object code, or to modify  for the purposes  of modifying behavior or scope of
their usage is forbidden.


As a fan of open-source, I always viewed web pages as fairly open. You could always view the source. I didn’t realze things like this existed. I was just curious about how the page worked, and I was not allowed to view it.

Luckily, I was able to do so! I used the Web Developer toolbar’s ‘View Generated Source’ function. It isn’t perfect, but it does give mostly how the page works. It’s a pity that the developer doesn’t want their work seen.

Paranoia is bad. Maybe the person looking at your code wants to further develop it rather than steal your undoubtedly amazing code… [/sarcasm]


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