Easy way to make any window transparent w/ Compiz

I was using Cellwriter yesterday, and decided that it would be cool to make it transparent, so it doesn’t cover what is behind it. To do this I used Compiz.

To do this, make sure you have the advanced settings manager. It is located at System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effect Settings. If it isn’t there, install it in Add/Remove.

Now open it up. The top item should be ‘General Options’. Open it. Go to the ‘Opacity Settings’ tab. Now, you can add a new rule. The Cellwriter window has the title ‘Cellwriter’ always, and none of my other windows do (usually), so I based my rule off of that. Click ‘Add’. In the field, type ‘title=CellWriter’. Then type in 85 for the value. The change should be immediate.

Note that other rules can be created in this way as well.


This post written with CellWriter =)

P.S. 5,000 blog hits!


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