As a tablet PC user under Ubuntu, I searched hard for a decent handwriting recognition program. A while ago, I found one. It is called Cellwriter. This entire post is written with it, not much slower than typing. Although the author claims it is a very young program, its performance rivals that of the Windows keyboard. Rather than having built-in handwriting, you train it. Training takes all of a minute, and can be enhanced later with further training. Even on just the initial training, however, it works very well. One of its better features is a keyboard, for getting to keys and if it won’t recognize symbols. The program is a must-have for any tablet owner using Linux. The site offers Debian packages (use this for Ubuntu), and of course the sources.

One bad point is that docking does not work well with Compiz. Not a big deal; I prefer the floating mode anyways.

The site is here.

This is by far the best handwriting recognition software I have seen for Linux, and deserves a look. It makes using a tablet possible…

Here’s a screenshot:


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