Tips for downloading Hardy

Here are a few tips for those of you about to download Hardy and do a new install:

  1. Use a Mirror! Find one near you so as not to stress the Ubuntu servers too much. If you are at school (like me), try, the mirror of Argonne National Laboratory. Much faster connections on school networks.
  2. Use a download manager. I use DownThemAll, which is a Firefox addon (available for FF3). This speeds up download and has other nice features (keep reading!).
  3. Check the MD5 sum to make sure you have a good download. See instructions below.

To check the MD5sum:

Get the MD5sums where you get your isos! i. e. If you use Argonne, use Note that they should be the same everywhere.

With DownThemAll:

When you start the download, there is a sum field. Put in the matching MD5sum and DownThemAll will automatically calculate it when it finishes downloading.

If you alread started the download, right-click on the download and click properties. There will be a field for the MD5sum.

Already downloaded:

  1. Open up a terminal.
  2. cd to the directory it is in.
  3. Run ‘md5sum ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso’ (for instance).


On Windows, try WinMD5sum or Hashtab (look them up).


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