Ultimate Claws Mail 0.5

Due to the recent release of Claws Mail 3.4.0, my Ultimate Claws Mail theme looks good now! It is PNG, a native export of SVG, so expect great things.

The size of the theme is increasing steadily. It has it’s own Google Code page (which is very nice, btw.)

That page is here. Excerpt below:

The Ultimate Claws Mail theme is a theme for Claws Mail with icons from the Ultimate Gnome theme for Gnome.



    <liIncomplete Set – not all icons are present. Most common ones are, however. The theme is in development.

  • PNG support – This theme is PNG, which requires Claws Mail >= 3.4.0
  • Duplicates – I only have the icons from the set, so there are some duplicates where I used the closest available icon.

So get over there and download it! Here is a screenshot:

And here is version 0.3 for comparison:



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