WordPress admin interface restyle

As any of you with a WordPress blog knows, they redid the entire admin interface a few weeks ago. I can’t stand most of it, so I restyled it using the Stylish firefox extension (which I am hooked on…).

The restyle is posted on userstyles.org. Here is the summary:

This is a style I wrote to restyle the WordPress Admin interface after they redid it recently. I’m not a huge fan of the new style, and it had many problems that I disliked. This style both makes the new style more manageable, and slims it down a lot. I incorporated a few things I’ve seen around, such as removing the page title (pretty obvious what it is if you are the owner…), and making it what *I* wanted. I will be updating it as I take the time to make it better and change more things.

Note that some of the things it does rely on properties of more advanced browsers. I use Firefox 3 beta 5, so I know it works there. I doubt it should have too much trouble anywhere else, and should degrade gracefully.

The CSS is commented to show what each change does, so you can change it as you see fit.

Here are the changes I made:

-Remove Page title
-Remove ‘Support’ tab
-Remove the ‘You are using a theme’ text
-Change the top title to matching colors instead of orange
-Get rid of the footer.
-Get rid of favicons in the ‘Hot Links’. They look terrible.
-Get rid of the ‘Paid Upgrades’ link
-Remove ‘New page link. Still accessible from posting page.
-Remove the (again) Repeated current page title.
-Bold the title of the current page.
-Get rid of the background color on the summary, disinguish with text weight.
-Remove the Recent comment blockquote
-Try to style the recent comment meta as normal item
-Style the ‘Write post’ button to fit in
-Remove the little smiley face stats tracker
-Some possible future changes (still commented out at the moment. Not working at all.)

You can find the style at userstyles.org here. Enjoy it. I will be improving it as I go. Note especially that the code is well commented; if you know CSS you can change it as you see fit.


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