Removing stickers from my laptop

Well, while I was in math today I was bored, and decided to remove the Windows Vista sticker from my laptop, largely due to the fact that I detest Vista, and don’t run it, so there is no point in me having the ugly Vista sticker on it.

Well, the sticker came off fairly uneventfully. It did, however, leave a ton of extremely sticy residue. They make those things impossible to remove easily…

I surfed the internet searching for solutions, and tried several. I tried using an eraser, toothpaste, soap, and just scraping it off. None of those worked. Then, I stumbled upon a comment somewhere (I can’t remember where) that said to use aerosol deodorant. I use that, and was getting desperate.

To my surprise, it worked! Here is the full procedure:

Get some aerosol deodorant. I use Degree. Any should do.

Spray it on the sticky area.

Wait about 45 seconds and wipe it off.

The sticker residue should be gone. If any lingers, just spray some deodorant into a cloth and wipe it. YMMV, but it worked for me.


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