Firefox 3 beta 4

I got Firefox 3 beta 4 installed finally. It was quite an ordeal to find semi-official packages for it that aren’t dependent on Hardy. I finally did. Check here for more details if you really want to install it. There is a link halfway down to the repositories that hold it. If you are that determined, you most likely know how to do it.

I see several improvements so far. Memory usage has decreased yet again, another nice change. I’m getting ~80 megs used after a while. Not bad, considering FF2 used to take up 200+ sometimes… Note that those numbers are for 2 gigs of ram.

The address bar is faster, and more accurate as well. Pages with heavy Javascript load faster.

I was pleased to see that my beta 3 profile got transferred over fine, with just a few extensions incompatible. That can be easily fixed, of course…

Firefox just seems faster overall, a nice improvement over beta 3 and a huge improvement over beta 2. It is definitely a worthwhile upgrade when it becomes available easily.

Firefox has come a long way since I started to use it right after v. 1.5 came out (thanks Mom!). Firefox 3 is a huge step forward, and I’m already looking forward to beta 5 (due out Mar 28, last I heard).


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