New Editor – Medit

My search for a new text editor had many of the same causes as my search for a new email client. I have been for several months using Bluefish. I found it in the Programs, and it looked fairly full-featured. It is very full-featured, but with several problems. First, it’s quite slow. Bluefish is a large app that takes a bit to get going. Second, it has too many features. It has a lot of stuff that isn’t needed, such as code snippets. Useful, but not so good when they take up most of the space.

My breaking point was the syntax highlighting. Although excellent, it took forever to catch up, and often stopped highlighting large sections for no apparent reason. This really got on my nerves, and started my search.

I like the default text editor, gedit, but it refuses to work with my mounted ftp drive. Very odd. It is also rather simplistic.

Medit, available in Add/Remove Programs, is perfect, at least for me. It offers enough features, while remaining speedy. When you first open it, medit looks just like gedit, with a few exceptions. The File Selector on the right opens up a pane where you can browse your files and open them. Great for when you’re, for example, working on a website and have many pages open (PHP includes f.t.w.).

Tip: Click the little triangle at the top of the file selector and it becomes a pane that doesn’t go away. Do it again to reverse the behaivor.

The syntax highlighting is very fast, and resonably precise. It opens very fast, and handles 30+ (remote) files with ease. All features I require in my editor.

Medit is satisfying me right now for a text editor. Enough features without the bloat. I highly recommend it. For Windows users, it is multiplatform, Python and GTK.

Medit site.


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