Getting Java to work in Firefox 3

This is an update to my earlier article regarding getting Flash to work in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Gutsy. I am quoting what I typed there, as there is no need to repeat myself.

For getting some plugins to work, you need to link them. To do this, do ‘sudo ln -s -f /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ /usr/lib/[your FF3 dirname]/plugins/’. This will link it, and now Java will work (after a Firefox restart, of course). This may link other stubborn plugins as well. YMMV.

Thanks to Solarwind from the Ubuntu Forums for finding the solution to the Java problem.


3 Responses

  1. i have no idea what your on about, is this a linix blog or the like. i’m having probs on ff3 with flash on xp,

  2. Yeah, this is a Linux blog. See the welcome message in the top left? “I use and post about Ubuntu Linux.” Good luck!

  3. Well, the tiny welcome notice isn’t really noticeable.

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