Web media on your desktop

Don’t worry, these have debs =].

These two pull off a couple things I still haven’t seen done properly. They create desktop versions of popular online apps.

PyTube  creates essentially a desktop version of YouTube, by allowing you to search for then download videos. The best part is that it will also transcode those videos into a variety of formats suitable for playing on pretty much anything.

PyTube has an amazing number of features, and can do just bout anything you want. It can add audio, extract audio, remove audio, rotate, make ringtones, etc…

LifeTunes allows you to search for, play, and download music from the popular music-searching site SeeqPod. You obviously shouldn’t download illegal content, but there are plenty of legalitems available. Besides, you can just play it. The search works fairly well, even checking to make sure the links are valid. The only downside to this is that when it encounters a 404, you get a popup. Not too big of a deal in use.

Note that using LifeTunes requires you to get a SeeqPod account. Not a big deal.

The nice part is that you can then play the files in the program, without messing with anything else. Think of something akin to Songza, or Project Playlist. Just on your desktop, with no hassle.

Both have deb files availbale on their respective sites, so you can just download and install. None of that pesky installing from source we went through yesterday.


Hmm, LifeTunes gave me a “No Results” error when searching for ‘legal stuff’… PyTube found plenty for ‘legal’.

Install and enjoy some media on your desktop.


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