Changing the libnotify theme

If you use Ubuntu, you will notice that notifications match the defualt ‘Human’ theme very well. This great, unless you happen to have changed your theme to somethig not brown and orange.

The default theme for libnotify is still available. It’s more square, and has blue and white colors. Here’s how to change to it.

Open the Configuration editor via running gconf-editor at the Run Dialog (Alt-F2), or the terminal. Navigate to apps > notification-daemon. Change the ‘theme’ option to ‘normal’. Now they will have a cooler theme that matches most themes.

To change back, do the same. This time replace ‘normal’ with ‘ubuntu’.


2 Responses

  1. Does it only support blue color? or it can be changed someway? or it takes the color from the gtk theme? Thanks

  2. It takes the color from the GTK theme, I believe.


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