Amarok Integration with libnotify

Libnotify is the program that puts those little notifications at the bottom right of your screen, or the bubbles from panel applets. Any program can send libnotify notifications.

Some of the uses I have for it are showing Pidgin messages, such as sign-ons and sign-offs. That can be found by installing ‘pidgin-libnotify’ via apt. Run ‘sudo apt-get install pidgin-libnotify’. You can find it in Pidgin, in Tools > Plugins. Find the Libnotify messaging one, and activate it.

For a while, it’s been bugging me that Amarok uses it’s on, non-standard way of notifications. Then, I found a script in the Script manager that gives Amarok libnotify capabilities. The biggest problem is that the one available is only version 0.1, and is rather buggy and not very capable.

I took the original, and extended it, adding more capabilites to it, and removing most bugs. The joys of open-source =].

You can download it here. The credit to the original author is still present. To install, in Amarok, go to Tools > Script Manager. Choose ‘Install’. Navigate to where you downloaded it to, and install.

The dependencies are mogrify, from ImageMagick(sudo apt-get install imagemagick), and notify-send (part of libnotify). A search in Synaptic can find both.

Don’t forget to disable the regular osd, or you’ll get duplicate notifications.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks for this, it’s a great little add-on. The only problem I have with it is that I would like to be able to position it elsewhere on the screen – though this appears to be an issue I have with all libnotify popups. Is this not possible with libnotify?

  2. @Lunar Lamp
    Yes, this is possible. Change the popup_location key in the same place. The possible values are:
    top_left, top_right, bottom_left, and bottom_right.


  3. By same location, I mean see to find the location of the key…

  4. […] fits my gnome desktop better. There are a few scripts out there, the closest one to what I wanted here. But as soon as I installed it, I found a bug: The “body” part of the message is empty, […]

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