Thank God for a week off…

There probably won’t be too many posts during break. I need time away from the computer to see my family =).

Thanks all for 2000+ hits!



My running server

I ended up actually reinstalling…

For some reason my installation of the mailserver (*why* did I do that?) screwed up sudo. As I could no longer use sudo at all, that pretty much destroyed the install. I couldn’t even shut down.

So, after a relatively painless second install, in which I did not choose to install a mail server, my old gateway functions perfectly as my web server.

The default LAMP and SSH servers work perfectly. To set up the Apache server to broadcast my site, I followed the instructions at the Ubuntu Wiki. Go down a bit to where it says ‘Virtual Hosts’. That should help. As for SSH, I set it up so I can do anything via SSH I could do sitting right there.

I’m not sure it was necessary, but I added my (remote) self to sudoers like this. All of this was locally on the server.

  1. Type ‘sudo visudo’. This open sudoers safely.
  2. Add yourself global rights to do anything from anywhere with the line ‘[your remote username] ALL=(ALL) ALL’
  3. Now you can SSH in remotely and do anything.

I haven’t tested the Samba server yet, but I did install an FTP server. I figure, why not?

Install ‘vsftpd’ the usual way. Now you can edit the file as here: Ubuntu Wiki. I disabled anonymous users, and enabled local. That way I can just FTP in to my home directory if I really have no possible access to SSH.

More will be coming on this server soon…

I would send you all to it, but my school’s network both prohibits that and makes it impossible (we have an awesomely impenetrable firewall…kind of annoying).

Note: 2000 hits as of this morning! In just a month and a half. It took a month to gt the first thousand, and two weeks to get the second… At this rate I should expect 3,000 in a week! But this week is Spring break! So probably not too many posts. Sorry.

Running Server

Well, my Ubuntu server is now running. The guys over at Ubuntu have made this really easy. After installing the base system, it asks you which servers you want to set up. There are:

  • DNS server
  • LAMP
  • OpenSSH (sshd)
  • Mailserver
  • PostgreSQL
  • Samba server

I installed all but DNS and PostgreSQL. I installed a mailserver, but I have no idea what to do with it or why I installed it.

I am hooked up via SSH, completely headless. I liked that after I moved it and rebooted, SSH and everything started up and worked fine. It only has two cords, network and power. Less than my laptop…

I’m trying to figure out how to configure LAMP to get it doing my web page, not the default ‘It works!’ page…

Making an Ubuntu Server

I’ve decided to make the ancient Gateway desktop I have lying around into a server with Ubuntu. Previously I was running Openbox, but I’m going for complete command-line, headless operation this time.

Some of the things I want in my server:

  • Full LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for easy web development.
  • FTP server – why not?
  • SSH – for access and files
  • Samba server – easy windows access

That’s most of the things I can think of right now.

I’ll post about progress as I go. Currently the install is at 83% – Installing the kernel.

Then I get to try to make it work!

Image I found on the internet of someone who’s sytem looks better than mine (same one though):

Firefox 3 beta 4

I got Firefox 3 beta 4 installed finally. It was quite an ordeal to find semi-official packages for it that aren’t dependent on Hardy. I finally did. Check here for more details if you really want to install it. There is a link halfway down to the repositories that hold it. If you are that determined, you most likely know how to do it.

I see several improvements so far. Memory usage has decreased yet again, another nice change. I’m getting ~80 megs used after a while. Not bad, considering FF2 used to take up 200+ sometimes… Note that those numbers are for 2 gigs of ram.

The address bar is faster, and more accurate as well. Pages with heavy Javascript load faster.

I was pleased to see that my beta 3 profile got transferred over fine, with just a few extensions incompatible. That can be easily fixed, of course…

Firefox just seems faster overall, a nice improvement over beta 3 and a huge improvement over beta 2. It is definitely a worthwhile upgrade when it becomes available easily.

Firefox has come a long way since I started to use it right after v. 1.5 came out (thanks Mom!). Firefox 3 is a huge step forward, and I’m already looking forward to beta 5 (due out Mar 28, last I heard).


Linux Google!

Just messing with Google, found this. It’s pretty fun. I like the Google logo with the penguin. It gives (obviously) results related to Linux.

Google Linux

google linux

Ultimate Gnome theme for Claws Mail

I was bored, so I decided to make that theme for Claws Mail that matches Ultimate Gnome better. Note that it is not by any means perfect, I just spent like half an hour converting all of the icons I could find that looked reasonably like their desired function. Most of the ones I couldn’t find are from the Tango theme for Claws.

It looks a little better I think. If you wish to help improve it, do it. Especially if you can use Inkscape and actually modify the icons instead of just converting like I did.

Also, the images are all in xpm format. Gimp can convert to and from this.

Download it here.