New Icons

I don’t really notice icons that much normally. The normal gnome ones seemed fine. However, one of the new features in Firefox 3 is that it takes the icons, such as the forward and back buttons, home, etc. from your local theme. This feature is great, as it allows the browser to fit in with the system better. It also almost eliminates the need to find a nice theme that matches. Just find one icon theme, and it applies everywhere. Very nice.

Here are my previous icons, as shown in FF3:


I found a new icon theme at ( great resource for stuff to dress up Ubuntu, by the way). It’s called Ultimate Gnome, and it looks like the creator put a ton of time into it. Supposedly it has about 800 icons…

It is a really nice theme that covers everything, not leaving any blank spaces like others. Also, the icons all go together very well. The theme is a bit blue, but not too much.

The link:

Ultimate Gnome

To install the icons is quite simple. In your home directory, create a folder called ‘.icons’ if it doesn’t exist yet. Now extract the folder called Ultimate Gnome into it so that you have the ‘Ultimate Gnome’ folder inside of the ‘.icons’ folder.

Now, the new icon them will show up in System > Preferences > Appearance. Click ‘Customize’ at the bottom, go to ‘Icons’, and select ‘Ultimate Gnome’. Firefox 3 will need to be restarted to see the chages, but they will show up immediately almost everywhere.

Here is the same shot with the Ultimate Gnome theme:

I really like it. Feel free to check out others though, there are plenty for anyone’s taste.

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