Getting Flash working in Firefox 3

I now have flash working properly in Firefox 3 as well as Firefox 2 on my system!

Until now, I could not find a way to get my perfectly working flash from FF2 to translate to Firefox 3. It was killing me. I don’t particularly like flash, but it is an excellent way to view videos online, and needed for many websites, unfortunately.

Whenever I got the ‘Plugin needs to be installed to niew this content…’ error bar, I would try to install and it said that I already had Flash installed.

While reading a thread on installing Firefox 3 the hard way, I found a comment that explained what was wrong. The plugins were only installing to the FF2 plugins dir, not FF3.

To get Flash working in FF3, run this command:

‘sudo cp /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/* /usr/lib/firefox3preb3/plugins’

Note that the ‘firefox3preb3’ line might be different on yuor system. That was mine. It will be something obvious and similar, though. Just ls first to see what it is called.

This works perfectly, and all of the plugins now work! Firefox 3 is addictive. You can’t go back once you use that awesome url bar for a while. It can read your mind.

For getting some plugins to work, you need to link them. To do this, do ‘sudo ln -s -f /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ /usr/lib/[your FF3 dirname]/plugins/’. This will link it, and now Java will work (after a Firefox restart, of course). This may link other stubborn plugins as well. YMMV.

Thanks to Solarwind from the Ubuntu Forums for finding the solution to the Java problem.

Some working Flash for proof.


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  1. […] Java to work in Firefox 3 Posted on 10 March 2008 by daniel1992 This is an update to my earlier article regarding getting Flash to work in Firefox 3 on Ubuntu Gutsy. I am quoting what I typed there, as […]

  2. Hey,

    well, just wanted to thank you for the tip – I had problems with flash on Firefox 3 beta 5 – despite it saying it was installed – I didn’t even get prompted to install it – just a blank space the size of the flash area). I followed your advice, and now it works like a breeze – so, kudos :-)


  3. Thankyou! …I thought until I read that your fix is for *nix systems (that did help for my home system).
    The rest of the users are pretty much Windows based and my trials of FF3 show the same problem under Windows.

    I guess I’ll need to see how to create a similar fix if the problem is the same (and it seems like it might) for XP+FF3.

    Meanwhile, mail me if you already have the Windows fix.
    Ta. shows the FF3 fault under Windows.

  4. Yeah… I’m new to firefox, and love it, except that FLASH DOENS’T WORK. And I don’t know how to “run this command:

    ’sudo cp /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/* /usr/lib/firefox3preb3/plugins’”

    Some help and/or further explaination would be greatly appreciated

  5. You are running Linux, right? Open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal on Gnome), and copy/paste the command into into it then press enter. No quotes.

    No guarantees that this works now, it was made for Ubuntu 7.10 with FF3beta3 in February. The directories will surely be different.


  6. Works for me, too. Great! Thanks for posting.

  7. please explain a bit more. I found this info via google, but the author never explains how to get to the command line.

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