Flash install

Unfortunately, Flash in Ubuntu / Firefox is still really annoying. On my last install, it took forever to get right, then worked perfectly. This installation looks like it will be a similar hassle.

The biggest problem is that the standard installation directions assume you have a stone-stock install of Ubuntu and Firefox 2. This great, except some of us forget, and don’t get it until after they customize everything, or install the Firefox 3 beta. In that case, it has problems

That has been my experience, at least. Flash is necessary for Web surfing today, like it or not. I’m not a huge fan of it, personally. Embedded video sure is nice though.

I’m going to try to install from somewhere else soon, as a last resort. A firefox reinstall may even be in order…

Wish me luck!

flash player

p.s. Sorry about the couple of slow days. I was on dialup a bit, and was very busy. Hopefully posting will be back to normal soon.


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