Ubuntu configuration

Yet again I am amazed by Ubuntu… Nothing new, of course.

As stated in a previous post, I reinstalled Ubuntu today. I just devoted about an hour to get my desktop back to normal. It didn’t even take half that.

Firstly, I just went to Add/Remove programs and checked the about 15 programs I could remember right offhand as having had. That’s one of the strengths of Ubuntu, easy software accessibility. Messing around with installing from source made me realize why Linux got such a reputation as being impossible to use. Thankfully, deb files and Synaptic make installing software easy these days.

Configuring Compiz, one of my favorite features (I like speed, but eye candy this good is worth the .0000001 second delay), was easy. I just did ‘sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager’. That gives instant access to the settings for every Compiz effect. Then, going to System > Preferences > Advanced Desktop Effects Settings. I set up the cube, about 5 ways of window switching, and a few other things. You can experiment for hours in there.

Getting my panels set up was a simple matter of changing the preferences. Ditto for background image. Dead easy.

I enabled the gutsy-backports repository (don’t do it unless you know what you’re doing) to get Firefox 3 Alpha 3 (new!) instead of FF2. I can’t go back.

As I copied everything in my /home to my new /home partition, Some of my settings were kept. These included my Firefox profile. Note if you do this that the copy will not replace existing folders. This includes Pictures, Videos, and the (many) hidden configuration folders. I had to manually copy my firefox profile to .mozilla/firefox. Then I created a new profile using it by running ‘firefox-3 -profilemanager’ .

Wireless worked exactly as before, with no trouble whatsoever.

And then, I was done. I had just, in about 30 minutes, almost completely replicated my desktop that had 2 months worth of tweaking on it.

The last time I installed Ubuntu it was actually Xubuntu, then installed ‘ubuntu-desktop’, then removed xubuntu. It was painful, and int he process I lost any semblance of a boot splash screen. This fresh install has *perfect* boot screens. That simple fact makes me very happy.

There we have it, the ease of Ubuntu established once again.

my born-again desktop

4 Responses

  1. Dude like WOW!!!!

  2. […] to me! Posted on 14 February 2008 by daniel1992 Hey, look! Someone linked to my post on configuring Ubuntu. Not too bad for a blog 3 months old that I’ve only been actively posting on for a week. […]

  3. What is Ubuntu really, is it like Microsoft office or what? just with plugins – thats been done before you know …

  4. You don’t quite get the idea. Ubuntu is an operating system, like Windows. The difference is that it’s better. All of the software is free, and it is easy to use.

    Check out http://www.ubuntu.com for more information.

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