Fresh Reinstall

Well, I got what was coming to me. I was messing around yesterday with stuff I probably should have left alone. I was mostly experimenting with installing from source, a skill I feel would be useful. Unfortunately, I must have messed with a bit too much, as I could not get my computer to start successfully. I could get into Recovery mode, but then not do much.

I decided to just reinstall from scratch, as i have been wanting to do it for a while, and with Ubuntu, a reinstall is often fast than actually fixing the problem. Not to mention no license keys to complicate the problem.

I have had problems lately with successfully burning Ubuntu discs. for some reason they are never successful. This was with an md5’d image. It was a perfect image.

I have now found that my prblem is the CDs. I recently got a 5-pack of Memorex CD-RWs from my aunt. I’ve been using them for all my cd burning needs. In other words, for burning Ubuntu images and installing.

I tried a year old CD-R (Memorex also, interestingly) on a hunch. Even burning at 10x versus my usual 1x, it validated perfectly. Apparently the Memorex CD-RWs are just crap.

Well, long story short, on my fourth install attempt I now have a working Ubuntu install again. The difference is, there’s no Windows now.

All of my Windows needs will be handles by my virtual machine, so I’m okay with deleting that partition.It’s a bit of a leap, but I’m willing to do it.

I had considerable trouble with getting the gui running for some reason. Once again, for another post. My fingers are tired and I’m starving…

my new desktop


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