Fonts in Ubuntu

I’ve really taken a liking to the Droid family of fonts I found a while ago. Like to the point that I’m currently using them for all my desktop fonts.

I have Droid Sans Bold for my titles, Droid Sans for everything else, and Droid Sans Mono for my monotype font (still standard monotype in the terminal).

You can find them here. You have to download the System image I believe. Then look for a folder claled ‘Fonts’ or somthing. It was pretty obvious when I did it, but hat was a while ago, so i don’t remember it exactly.

[update:] I actually did it, just for my readers. Open it with any archiver. the default archive manager will due. go to the ‘fonts’ folder. All of them are in there.

This has come a long way in the last 8 months; get them here:

Also, to install fonts on Ubuntu, create a folder in your home directory called ‘.fonts’. then put them in there. Windows, just copy them to windows/fonts or something.

Good Luck!

Found via Smashing.

By the way, any copyrights in here, or this blog for that matter, are property of their respective owners. I’m just running a blog, don’t kill me if I type your trademark please.


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