Digsby Update

Apparently my problem was Wine. I’ve installed it in my XP Pro virtual machine, and it’s working great. The concept is pretty good. Some parts need work, like CPU and memory usage, but it looks good. The best part is that you can reply to messages int he popups. This enables you to carry on a conversation without switching windows. It needs some work regarding actually using the popups instead of message windows, but it is okay. The huge amount of supported clients is neat. Social networking is included, a possible plus for those of you who are addicted to Facbook and Myspace, the two supported.

I can easily recommend Digsby for anyone not overly concerned with memory and CPU usage (it’s not really a big deal on my one-core, 512mb ram VM). It is great for those who like everything involving communication online in one place.

Other good news is that they are planning on Linux and Mac versions, so everyone can have some Digsby. I’m on the list… Of course, that means little. My favorite Windows program, Launchy, has been saying that for ages. Nothing yet, not even an alpha.

Digsby is a useful program that many people will find extremely useful. The beta email is fairly quick, so you can get an account without too much trouble.

digsby logo

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  1. I’m pretty interested in Digsby, too, and this seems a bit more fleshed out then Spicebird or Instantbird. Though I don’t know much about this stuff, I’ll let you know if I make any progress in getting it to work under Wine.

  2. Yeah, it’s a promising idea. I’m on a fresh reinstall, so I have other things to do right now, but good luck trying to get it to work.
    Did you see the comment on my other Digsby post where a guy from Digsby said that Wine doesn’t work with it? I think this problem isn’t Wine, but their servers, as it does install fine.

    Good Luck!

  3. I must have glanced over that, but I’ve kind of unofficially chatted with a guy at Digsby, Steve I think and he did mention they’ve had trouble.

    I’ve gotten Digsby to run and load fine under Wine since I’ve started, except for one huge issue: The menus do not work, and as they are integral in making the tray icon work, adding contacts, and accessing preferences, it makes the app unusable.

    The issue seems to whittle down, at this point, to a class known as “SetLayeredWindowAttributes “..or something like that. I’m going to try installing mono IN wine, and see if I benefit from that at all.

  4. You should check out gnome-do, its just like launchy, but for linux. :)

  5. @Dolores:
    Did that a while ago… Will post eventually about it =)

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