Tip to kill non-responsive programs.

One of the things that Linux is missing is a good way to kill programs, like the Task Manager (ctr-alt-del…) in Windows.  The Gnome System Monitor is a slow cpu hog that rarely shows everything.

My previous preferred method was to open a terminal, run ps aux | grep <name of program> then kill <pid given py previous command>. That takes a bit, but works well.

My newest is using xkill. If you type it in, your cursor becomes a little x that will kill the first window you click on. Very useful. To take advantage of that I created a panel launcher for it. Just right-click on you panel, ‘Add to Panel…’ >’Custom Application Launcher’. Name it’Kill’ or something. The command is ‘xkill’. To make it better, find a little icon for it. I used this icon.

Just be careful not to hit it on accident. It is really useful when you need it, however.


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