TrueCrypt 5.0

I used TrueCrypt rather often on Windows when I used it. I know there was a linux version available, but I never got into it. Now with the recent release of TrueCrypt 5.0, Linux has a gui. Especially for this type of program, that helps a lot. Apparently it has also aquired complete cross-platform – mac, win, and linux.

I like that they also have .deb package downloads specifically for various distros, including Ubuntu. Just grab it and install it. I right now just have a 200mb AES encrypted drive located in my /home and mounted as truecrypt1. It works out really well. After the program is started, you enter the password, and the drive is easily accessible for the rest of the session. Very smooth. The only capability missing here is creating a hidden drive, a semi-key feature of the program. When chosen, it just says the feature is not yet supportedon this platform. It isn’t really a big deal unless you anticipated someone forcing you to remove your initial protections, which is rare. Personally, I’ve never used it.

Mounting the TrueCrypt volume requires admin priveleges. That just entails putting in your sudo/login password when it pops up the window. Also once per mount.

Download it here:

Here it is in use:


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