Liferea Feed Reader

I was looking at some blogs, and found a person who wrote a short review of Liferea feed reader for Ubuntu. One of the points he raised was that no one seems to talk about it.

I don’t have that much experience with feed readers, but having used several, I choose Liferea for my everyday reader. I tried online readers, they just weren’t my style. Then I used Sage for a long time. I consider it to be my second favorite, partly because it is a Firefox extension. It just wasn’t quite full-featured enough yet.

Liferea integrates awesomely into Gnome, a feature few other fead readers have. It starts quickly, is lightweight, and just works great. It is full of features, and makes it easy to read 100+ feeds. Not to mention that it comes with a pretty good seletion of OSS feeds by default. The OPML file import works great, allowing me to import my feeds with no hassle.

The name is pretty plain. It’s actually just LInux FEad REAder, although it conveys well that it contains my life.

Liferea can be gotten via sudo apt-get install liferea, via the Add/Remove Programs dialog, or  from it’s site.

Arnie Almighty – Posted a good review of Liferea.

Liferea site.

In use:


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