Firefox 3 Update – and bad timing

As I wrote previously, I’ve been using Firefox 3 alpha 8 for a couple of weeks, as that was the newest version available in the Ubuntu repositories. To fulfill a promise made a few days ago on this blog, I set up Firefox 3 Beta 2 manually yesterday. Today, I am installing system updates, when I look, and the build has been updated to Beta 2! All that work for nothing…


Beta 2 is awesome, though. Beware, a lot more extensions don’t work with beta 2 than alpha 8. To my knowledge, my method of installing non-compatible addons should still work fine.

Also, to install addons from a non-secure site, such as your hard drive, I believe you have to set ‘extensions.checkUpdateSecurity’ to ‘false’ about:config. I’ll update the original post too, just in case.I found it at while installing the Tab Mix Plus beta version in alpha 8. The secured sites check is new in FF3, as far as I know.


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