More Linux

Linux rules. Although I do dual-boot, I find that if possible I default to Linux. It is just so much easier.

For example:

My school has a pretty complicated wireless setup. On Windows, getting wireless means 10+ minutes of torture in windows and boxes that are ridiculously obscure. In Ubuntu, I drop down the network box, click the network, specify the certificate, and log in. All in one box.

That takes maybe a minute? Less if you’ve done it before.

My wireless at home was just as easy. Less than a minute to working internet.

My main problem, the tablet, is nicely handled in 7.10. After I found out how to do it, getting the tablet working took maybe 2 minutes. The program I found to replace the Windows tablet input panel is Cellwriter. In my opinion it is better. Obviously home-made, but way more customizable, not to mention faster.

Linux is just better overall. There are tons of free programs that are good, and it just works. My only problem is that standby and hibernate don’t work, which isn’t too much of an issue.

Stuff I mentioned:




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