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7 Warning Signs that you’re Drunk on your Own Words

This is on eof the most interesting things I’ve read recently. Not only is it entertaining, but truthful – and useful =]
I can say I’ve experienced a couple of these. Might be why I only get C’s in American studies…

7 Warning Signs That You’re Drunk on Your Own Words | Copyblogger


Scribefire is a Firefox extension for blogging. It is the reason this blog exists, or at least what motivated me to finally start one.
It starts by clicking the button in the status bar:
This brings up the typing pane. I can type, close it if I need to see more of the pages I’m looking at, then reopen and continue. It offers great capabilities, most blog services, and has several really neat functions, like uploading your image to an ftp server and giving you the link.

I use it to just be able to post while doing other things instead of having to concentrate on making a post. It integrates well into other services too.

Overall, it makes blogging much easier, making it almost instant.



My current IM software is Miranda IM. It is open-source, multi-protocol (pretty much all of them), and super customizable. I value the customizability…

One of my favorite features is how lightweight it is, especially compared to Trillian, my former client.

Also, where else can I customize my contact list window so that it is semi-transparent, always-on-top, and shows the status of my friends?


the window is unobtrusive, and tells me what I need to know – at all times. Of course, this is but one of many, many ways you can customize Miranda. It is probably the 10th one I’ve tried…
I’ve settled on using it for my final version though (note: for now…)

In the end, it is exactly what I want, a customizable and fast IM client.

I have recently rediscovered my love of
I (a while ago) became a supporting member. The site offers tons of great free-ish software. It is free, and has few nags, but you have to do a few things to get the software registered sans donating. For the 1 cent donation minimum, I joined.

Personally, I use several of their apps. these include:

  • Screenshot Captor – In my opinion the best screenshot program. Powerful, fast, and incredibly customizable.
  • Clipboard Help and Spell – Nifty. Useful when needed.
  • and a couple others I use sparingly.

That list will probably grow soon due to my aforementioned re-discovery of the site…

The newsletters are always good, and seem to spontaneously spawn 20 to thirty new windows…=]

Network sharing

I thought that one had to use a crossover cable to share internet and files between two computers? I used my cable which I usually use to connect my laptop to the wall to share internet and files to my newly xp’d old Gateway (a post coming on that later today). Worked perfectly and easily, even sharing my wireless connection. Weird.

Using laptop as a monitor

As far as I can tell, there is no easy way to use my laptop as a primary monitor (or secondary, so I could use dual screens when I get a regular monitor and another computer here). There are a couple “solutions” that use the network to make a fake monitor, but I would like to use the external out on the laptop for the speed and cpu advantages. I’m going to keep looking though. One way or another, I will find a way.

One of the over-the-network solutions i’ve seen is MaxiVista, which looks really cool, and I might have to look into it if I can’t find a hardware solution. However, the software appears to cost $50! Maybe as a gift if I decide that I need it, but not too pressing at that price. Lots of functionality though.
I’ll have to think about it.

My old favorite, Synergy is an option for faux-multi monitors that has the advantages of more processors and memory, but without the seamlessness of one computer. I still love it for use at home. And, I now know that it uses network bandwidth for sure, so I can use it with dial up.

for now though, back to the search for a hardware solution!