Excellent Site: Nirsoft

    I was doing my usual surfing the web, searching for something, when I found this site. I can’t actually remember what I was searching for now, come to think of it… I forgot when I was distracted by a huge list of freeware utilities. At first I thought it was just another ‘best freeware’ list/site, but then I realized all of the software was by the same person. The programs are all very small, but incredibly useful. I especially appreciate that every program runs as an exe, no installation required. My add/remove programs list is very long already. No need to make it longer.
    I found no less than a dozen useful programs, plus a few more I got just for fun. Let’s show them:
    NetResView – This shows all available network resources. It inspired me to work on cool networking stuff when I realized that my desktop is on the same network as I am. Soehow I had totally forgotten that. Wow. Anyway, the app listed all of my few resources: 2 computers, a printer, and shared folders. All of which I immediately used. Very Useful.
    Volumouse – Small and simple. This fulfilled a need I didn’t even realize I had. When my laptop is in portable mode, no peripherals, I use VolumeTouch, a useful program for controlling the volume with my keyboard. However, when I am at my desk with a mouse, I don’t want to reach all the way to my keyboard to adjust the volume. Volumouse fixes that, turning the scroll wheel into volume control when you want it to. The best part is that it only does so when you want it to. That is controlled by almost anything, and several things, very easily.
    USB Deview – Shows every USB device ever connected to your computer. Ever. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Also shows useful details.
    Many Others – This post is getting too long. I also got Mozilla Cache View, Monitor Info View, NirCmd, Wireless Key View, Cport, and a few others. Just check the site out, you will find something you need/like.


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Hello world!

WordPress gave me a nice little Hello World! post. This is it, edited to perfection[?]. If you can see this, my blog is working. If not, how can you see this?